Aubrey. 20. Junior in college. Cellist, singer, songwriter. Christian and believer in true love. Optimist, dreamer, hopeless romantic.

Here on my blog you will see:
Movies: Harry Potter. The Hunger Games. Avengers.
Shows: The Vampire Diaries. Gossip Girl. Glee. American Horror Story. Dexter.
People: Lady Gaga. One Direction. Jennifer Lawrence. Emma Stone. Chord Overstreet. Ian Somerhalder. Chris Evans. Marilyn Monroe. Lana Del Rey.
OTPs: Harmony. Chair. Delena.
Inspiration: Songs. Jokes. Poetry. Prose. Quotes. Disney.
And a bit of personal stuff, because writing your feelings down is never wrong in my book.

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UM so I’m sorry to make a big deal out of this but I have literally been following your lovely blog since I joined Tumblr and now you’re following me and this is a terrible idea because my blog is poop but I just really love you???
  1. ophelies said: i talk to you all of the time, it’s silly for me not to be following you! you’re a sweetheart and i think you’re brilliant so… :)
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